Massage Creep Review

Massage Creep review - amateur nude massageOverall Rating: 92/100

Quality: 94
Content Amount: 84
Uniqueness: 92
Design: 96
Value: 100

Monthly Membership: $29.95 $17.95/mo
Trial: $1.00 for 2 days (click here to activate trial)

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Full Massage Creep Review

There is no better way of relaxation than getting a massage. You entire body loosen up and you enjoy the whole process. What if the massage gets a bit erotic in nature and the touch is highly sensuous? Then, automatically the thighs open up and this is exactly what you will find on this site, namely Massage Creep. This site from Porn Pros will show you how the sexy models respond to a very good massage. It starts with a gentle rub down that slowly leads to hardcore fucking action.

First Impression

There are lots of oil, hot babes, groping and, of course, hardcore banging at the end. Most of the videos are of an hour length and within this one hour, you will find enough massage and groping to fill up your cock as well. The right touch opens up even the tightest of the hole and this site from Porn Pros will second the thought with their videos. After a hard day’s work, a gentle massage can release all the stress and you will feel rejuvenated. But, the videos of Massage Creep show you how the whole thing can get erotic as well.

massage creep - Porn Pros Network


The content of the video is nice and if you have taken full body massage in the past, then you will recall how relaxed you were after that massage. In the videos, when the sexy babes get into the relaxing mode and opens up for some extra action, the whole oil massage takes a turn into hardcore banging session.

Apart from MassageCreep, you will also get access to several other sites of Porn Pros network. This makes sure that you have enough fodder to keep your hand busy for a long time. After a point, even the toys are introduced in the massage to make things even more exciting. Foreplay is carried out with the help of those toys placed in different parts of the body starting from tongues to fingers to thighs.

You can download the Massage Creep scenes in high-quality and stream them in HD quality as well. The high-quality aspect is not restricted to the scenes only rather you will find the episodes carrying the same quality as well.

The storyline is believable and that slowly leads to hardcore action, which makes things even hotter. You can also go through the images that you will find in each folder if you are not in the mood to explore the videos. The scenes are exclusive and feature some of the hottest and sexiest babes from the adult entertainment world.

If you like something then you can post a comment or rate the video and also give feedback.


The older videos have some content that doesn’t stick to the massage theme, so it is a bit of a disappointment for the members.

The member’s area has the upsells and banners ads that make the page a cluttered one. Moreover, there are some models who make the things look fake because of their juvenile expression.

Review Summary of Massage Creep

The girls are getting rubbed the right way and not just that they even get fucked with the right amount of friction too. If the hot oil massage is your cup of tea, then you must visit the site from Porn Pros to see how things turn up.

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Real Slut Party Review

real slut party Review - porn reviewsOverall Rating: 91/100

Quality: 98
Content Amount: 84
Uniqueness: 95
Design: 91
Value: 100

Monthly Membership: $29.98 $17.95/mo
Trial: $1.00 for 2 days (click here to activate trial)

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Full Real Slut Party Review

If you have been wondering lately about a site that would cater to group sex only, then Real Slut Party is the thing for you. You definitely don’t want to miss out the invitation to this party where you will get a sneak peek into the big boobs, hard cocks, cameltoes and everything that you have ever dreamt of. This site from Mofos is stuffed with hardcore group sex where you will find enough of blowjobs, anal sex and the regular facial cumshots. If you are feeling wild and dirty, then these teenaged babes will make you go even wilder with all the hardcore action.

First Impressions

The party has just begun, but the girls are already horny and the men are ready with their hard cock. This site from Mofos is all about this and much more. Once you step into the world of Real Slut Party, you will see how the amateurs plan the Saturday night party where they want to do all the naughty things that they are not supposed to do. It is just a matter of time before the babes start losing their inhibition and go completely bold.

real slut party review and trial


The girls are trying it out with other girls, kissing each other and exploring the stiff and wet areas. The stage is set for the sexual delight where you can enjoy all the action that these amateurs perform.

The Good

You will find flesh story all around with the naked posing or a fist that is wrapped around the hard cock. Moreover, the hard cock plays the compass and when it points at some naked flesh, it gets banged by it at the end. RealSlutParty is a complete gangbang where going back and forth from one cock to another is fun. Getting pounded by one hard dick and holding the other in the mouth is something that these horny babes enjoy the most.

You will find the girls getting banged everywhere, starting from the poolside to the beach to the corner of the house or in the club. Mofos has ensured that they come up with a site that will capture the amateur party to the core and provide you with some adult entertainment that you will make your day. When you sign in for the Real Slut Party, you also get access to other Mofos sites as well.

The videos are shot in HD quality, so you will be able to see each and every curve of the naked flesh crystal clear. They have been doing the rounds for more than 6 years now, so you will have enough content to keep you busy with your hard dick for a long time now. You can also download the images in Zip files. from Mofos Network doesn’t come with the write ups, which is a bit of a disappointment for the members as it helps in setting up the stage for what to expect out of the videos.

Review Summary

Real Slut Party from Mofos is a user-friendly site with huge HD collection for all the party lovers who want to get wild and enjoy hardcore banging in different positions with multiple partners at a go.

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Tonights Girlfriend Review

Tonights Girlfriend Review - porn reviews

Overall Rating: 72/100

Quality: 88
Content Amount: 65
Uniqueness: 95
Design: 59
Value: 89

Monthly Membership: $17.95/mo
Trial: $1.95 for 3 days (click here to activate trial)

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Full Tonights Girlfriend Review

Presented by Naughty America, Tonights Girlfriend is the website which puts in videos the fantasy every single person has had at least once in his life: cheating. Having a hot night of passionate sex out of our own marriage, or simply with someone who is married with someone else, and as a consequence, out of reach.

TonightsGirlfriend is a little, but growing website which offers eight pages of contents, all classified with the name of the main porn star, in 30 videos a page. The videos are updated every week, so to be able to give you new material to get horny on.

First Impressions

The movies are all presenting a typical scenario of a bored wife, having to find an alternative to her boring nights at home, or a horny husband who doesn’t get to bang his wife enough, and needs to look out for the sexy secretary, in order to be able to stick his cock in a warm and wet pussy.

The quality of the movies of TonightsGirlfriend is not excellent, MP4 (1920×1080; 12400k; streaming), but they’re often shot in very beautiful and sexy scenarios, which, together with the sometimes not perfect shooting and some movements and freezing of the camera, create a real cheating and dangerous atmosphere. The only letdown is that you’re not allowed to download the material, which can only be seen in streaming.

Tonights Girlfriend Review and Trial

You need a pretty good connection if you want to enjoy these hot porn stars’ asses being slapped and hard pounded by massive erections. Together with the 170+ videos, there are sets of pictures coming with any of them, but some of them are only screenshots of the video itself, so have a little lower quality. The material is still all worthy to be seen.

The Good

Opening the homepage of Tonights Girlfriend you’ll immediately be in the first search page, with the girls clearly visible, so to make your choice easier. On the top right you’ll find the link to login and become a member.

The monthly fee is 17,95$, which drops to 9,58$, if you decide to subscribe for a year long membership. For 1,95$ you can have a 3days trial membership, so to decide if what you see is what you really need to get horny. Once a member you can browse through the video from the two top categories: Girlfriends, which is already open as main page, and Fantasy.

Clicking on Fantasy, you’ll have access to some categories you’ll be able to choose from, as kinky, role playing, dominating, submissive and Vanilla. Every category opens then on a second page, where you can choose the porn star you prefer.

If you like Tonights Girlfriend site, we highly recommend Mofos as a backup option to consider. We have been receiving great feedback from our users and the community about so we want to help them grow and encourage their good efforts. This review of Mofos tells you exactly what they’ve been up to recently and why they are worth considering. It’s great to see some porn companies making a push to improve their user rating so be sure to checkout mofos and give them a try.

Review Summary

All considered, Tonights Girlfriend is still a little, but fast growing website which will keep you entertained and satisfied, if one night stands with a hot chick met at the bar is what you’re craving to see, or if you just want to see a couple of hard cocks pounding hard an alone wife who decided to spice up her day a little bit. Just go and check it out!

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Twistys Review Review - Porn ReviewsOverall Rating: 98/100

Quality: 99
Content Amount: 99
Uniqueness: 95
Design: 98
Value: 100

Monthly Membership: $29.99/mo
Trial: $1 for 2 days (click here to activate trial)


Full Twistys Review

A membership with the legendary adult entertainment company ‘Twistys’ means you are entitled to view some of the hottest international models in some of the nastiest acts. Twistys is one of the most reliable networks where you will find exclusive hardcore contents without fail.

They have been in the business for a long time now and you can tell it from the way they manage their site. A mix of everything is on the platter. The members just need to sign in to get a taste of all kinds of hardcore action. There are some other sites under its umbrella like When Girls Play, Euro Foxes, etc.

They compete with the likes of Playboy or for that matter Penthouse. So, you must have guessed already how good they are in their job. More than 4000 models are part of their videos and a whopping 1 million photos are there for the members to view.

Twistys Review and Trial

First Impression

If you are a stickler for perfection, then Twistys must be on your list. The hottest babes in this industry star in the video. Moreover, you will also enjoy bonus content that is no less hot than the original. Apart from updating twice daily, they make sure that they rope in new faces at a regular interval. So, you won’t have to watch the same faces doing different hardcore acts, instead, you will see a fresh face every now and then.

They are supplying their members with outstanding porn videos at a very reasonable price. Hot babes posing, masturbating, playing with themselves or getting involved in a lesbian act are all covered in Twistys.

The Good

The quality of the pictures are of high resolution and they are available for downloads as well. They have also ventured into hardcore scenes too, so now once you land up in there you will find all sort of action going on.

More than 10 new and exclusive hardcore videos are added to the network every month and the network is updated almost thrice daily. The site is well designed and features several tools to enhance your search. The members of Twistys also have access to 7 different premium sites.

You can download your favourite high-resolution pictures in a Zip file. The videos come with various downloading options like MP4, WMV and MOV. You can save your favourite clips individually if you don’t feel like downloading the full video. Streaming the videos in 10000kbps is also possible and it will give you a heavenly experience.

Top models, Promos, Latest Updates and many such happening things can be found in the homepage only. In the ‘Treat’ section you will find the hottest model of the month and also download their wallpaper.

The Hard section in the Twistys is the place to be in, if you are looking for some hardcore action. They also have the pictures for you to enjoy. You can join the forum to chat with other members and also post questions if any.

The quality of the videos is unmatched for and the same hold true for the photos as well. You will be enjoying the threesome act in High definition videos. There are other hardcore acts like a girl on top of the guy or two girls making it out or playing with themselves.

The Bad

Nothing much can be held against this adult entertainment network apart from the fact that there are some videos that are not exclusive. Another small hitch is that there are some models who don’t star in any of the videos and you only get to see them in pictures.

If you are in trial, then you will only have very limited access and from there you won’t be able to make out how big the network actually is. The absence of file size also poses to be a problem at times while downloading.

Review Summary

They offer a huge content that you will find hard to resist. With a huge number of models already on their list, it is for sure that you will find your favourite model out there in one of the videos. They have kept the upgrading process on the roll so that they do not lose out on the huge competition. Hottest babes and sexy amateurs both make their presence felt in here and if you are not there already, then you are missing out a lot.

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