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What is a “Space State”?

A space state is where the state government is actively engaged in the opening of space by catalyzing, recruiting, integrating and supporting all sorts of space activities – especially commercial space industries. Space states are seeding new space activities, going out and finding commercial companies to move to their state, and using all the tools of government to do so.

Current space states are Florida, New Mexico, California, and Virginia. Even Ohio and Alabama, bastions of what many call “old space” – home to NASA space centers – are actively out recruiting new space companies to co-locate with these resource-rich facilities, and to get more traditional space companies to expand their local operations.

Texas is making virtually no efforts to date to match even these attempts, despite the fact that we have the majority of human spaceflight operations right here in Texas at Johnson Space Center (JSC). We have some of the most advanced aerospace medical facilities in the world in Houston and San Antonio. These operations skills will be in demand, if we can attract many of these new or already developed commercial space companies.

Not to mention that we also have a long coastal area that would be ideal for a major spaceport. Although other states may have launch facilities of different sorts, no one has yet built the world’s first commercial orbital spaceport…so what are we waiting for?

Help us make Texas a Space State!

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