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Urgent Challenges

As you read this new space projects and businesses as well as existing firms are making deals with other states in the US who want their business and the glory of being home to one of the most exciting enterprises in history.

Though we Texans are rightfully proud of our economic survival in a time of economic trial across our nation, we have not noticed that other states are working feverishly to create a New Space economy, by making themselves attractive as homes for entrepreneurs and innovative space projects. Texas is NOT currently considered a welcoming “Space State” for New Space or growing space enterprise, or for any space activities beyond the traditional NASA and JSC support.

Even some current Texas entrepreneurs are not convinced that Texas at the state or Congressional level is interested in being home to commercial space, or support their activities. These Texas based entrepreneurs are confused about Texas and it’s intent. In some cases they have mentioned they have felt actively shunned or discouraged. it is urgent we send a clear signal and change the reality on the ground to alter this perception. Otherwise new space businesses will bypass Texas, especially if we are not as actively recruiting such new firms as are competing states like Florida, Virginia, Alabama, Ohio, New Mexico and California.

“Texas has lost out in the first round — the knock out blow came from New Mexico.”
– New Space CEO

It is time for the second round to begin. And for us to win!

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