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Awaken the Sleeping Giant

One of the first issues we’re addressing is changing the conversation in Texas from how to protect the old space program to how to create a New Space Future. While this will not be your grandfather’s space program, it will build upon that legacy, standing on the shoulders of giants to take the next step into this new frontier.

Recalling the pioneering heritage of Texas, we want this effort to involve those seeking something different, those wanting the freedom to develop their futures right here in Texas.

Now is the time for something different in space and New Space companies can lead the way with their innovative approaches, many of which are the same that gave us the information technology world which empowers us today. We have a chance to build a new industry here in Texas which can empower the United States to not only maintain, but leap forward as the leading space-faring nation on Earth.

Our goal goes beyond simply bringing more commercial space companies to Texas; while that is a critical part of what we seek, we want Texas to become the world leader in the opening, exploration, and development of space.

How to turn Texas into a Space Champion?

We are currently engaged in an aggressive campaign to turn Texas from a state known for one federal facility and a few space companies and government contractors into an attractive location for all new space enterprise to locate and develop.

Together we are working with partners in the legislature, the Governor’s office, state agencies, and the media, changing the perception of Texas not only into a “Space State”, but into “THE Space State”. We are creating new partnerships among the state, academia, military representatives, and commercial space firms; working to pass innovative Commercial Space legislation; and advocating for the resurrection of a Texas Space Authority within the Governor’s office – and not several levels down in the bureaucracy. (For example – California has such an Authority with a real budget and full time staff.)

In creating a Space Authority, Texas will then be able to lead in the opening, exploration, and development of space as a matter of policy with an office of authority to lead and coordinate the effort.

Finally, the combined power of the commercial space industry, its customers, and the State will allow for the development and construction of a world-class Interplanetary Space Port for commercial, academic, and national defense purposes.

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